Sisma LM-D Ready 150 Laser Welder


LM-D Series
High Precision Manual Laser Welding Systems Made in Italy

Sisma LM-D READY The laser welding system with easier access to the working area

  • Dedicated filter that guarantees complete recovery of precious materials
  • Enhanced cooling system which allows for reliable operation even in high-temperature spaces
  • New ergonomic design and low operating noise for complete operator comfort

  • LM-D series additional features:
    • ECO mode function switches off unused system components during idles times, thus guaranteeing lower power consumption
    • Full digital electronic control for accurate diagnostics, higher pulse stability and longer lamp life


    • Stereo microscope 10X with optical protection
    • Quick setting of welding parameters using the multifunctional mouse
    • Adjustable LED light
    • Complete with air and gas nozzles
    • Water-air cooling system

    Available average power is 60W with max pulse energy 150J (calculated at 20 ms), peak power 7.5 kW. To be connected at 230V 50/60 Hz single-phase 1.5kW.

    Technical Data

    Source Type: Nd: YAG (flash lamp)
    Wavelength: 1064nm
    Average Laser Power: 60W
    Pulse Duration: 0.3-20ms
    Pulse Frequency: 0-50 Hz
    Max Peak Power: 7.5kW
    Max Pulse Energy at 20ms: 150J
    Spot Diameter: 0.2-2.0 mm (0.1mm opt.)
    Power Supply: 230V 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: 547 x 744.5 x 512 mm
    Weight: 60 kg

    Two year warranty. The warranty includes the flash lamp

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