Orion 150S Pulse Arc / Micro TIG Welder

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150s Pulse Arc / Micro TIG Welder.

The Orion 150s is the ideal welding tool for any micro-welding application. The s Series welders can be seen in laboratories, universities and research & development institutions around the globe. The Orion s Series boasts a power potential of up to 150 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. While powerful, the s Series is perfect for low power needs as well—yielding as little as 1 joule of energy. Even with such a large range in power, full control is maintained as the s Series is adjustable in 0.2 joule increments. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion s Series offers a versatile, compact, and affordable welding system in an easy-to-use package.

  • Model: Orion 150S