Durston Agile C130 Combination Rolling Mill


Durston Agile C130 Combination Rolling Mill.

The all new Agile 130 is a special addition to the range of Durston Rolling Mills, coming from the same stable as the DRM C130RE. It's lighter – by having thinner frames – but where the mill really needs its strength it's fully designed to support the load without any compromise on quality. A traditional T-bar replaces the hand-wheel and you'll find 5 half-rounds as part of the main roller. There are 11 square grooves (same as the DRM C130 but included is 5 half rounds 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2mm – and still a huge 60mm of flat area. The rolls are specially induction hardened to sixty-four RC.

Roll Size: 130mm x 60mm.

Max thickness: 6.0mm.

Square Wire: 11 grooves, 8mm - 1mm.

Gear Ratio: 5:1.

5 Half Rounds: 6,5,4,3 & 2mm.

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  • Model: DUR1029