Fretz Convex Fluting Stake Set


This set of convex fluting stakes includes three progressively shaped stakes, one of each shape: lining, sharp and extreme sharp. These fluting stakes streamline the process of adding flutes to your domed metal forms. Used in progression, these stakes help you first create, then finely articulate the pattern of fluting you want--and do it more cleanly and quickly than is possible using wax or pitch. Once the fluted form is achieved, you can then perform any desired chasing techniques to complete the design you have in mind.
Starting with a domed form and the lining stake, create the initial lines of the fluting pattern. Then use the sharp stake to further articulate your pattern and, finally, use the extremely sharp stake to deepen and define the fluting.
For straight flutes, choose a straight cross-peen hammer; for curving flutes, choose a curved cross-peen.

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  • Model: F2ABC