Knew Concepts Jeweler's 3" Saw Frame with Cam Lever and Swivel


Knew Concepts Jeweler's 3" Saw Frame with Cam Lever and Swivel.
Enjoy the superior engineering of the original Knew Concepts jeweler's hand saw frame with two great improvements! A quick-change cam-lever tensioning system lets you quickly change blades and a swivel allows you to swing the rear of the frame out of your way. With the cam-lever system, you can change blades quickly without losing your tension adjustment: simply flip the lever up to release tension, swap out blades and flip the lever back down. Save time and trouble when work demands repetitive blade changes, as when piercing metal. The swivel gives you the ability to set the frame into a "neutral corner" and frees you to saw into areas that were never possible before. The frame swivels 45° to the left or right of center, and can be locked at the center (“straight ahead”) position—all without disturbing your saw blade tension. Knew Concepts saw frames are light and rigid, providing precise control, reduced blade breakage and very little flex. The hardened aluminum frame weighs only 119 grams (4.2 oz.), far less than a comparable steel saw frame. The 3" (76mm) throat depth is ideal for fine work on small pieces; working length of the saw blade is 4-1/4". A comfortably curved wood handle and excellent balance and control make this saw an excellent choice.

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  • Model: 125003CS