UN372 White Brass Casting Grain


White Brass Casting Grain. 1 oz (28g).

UN372 Casting White Brass is a nickel based white alloy designed to cast jewelry samples, models, belt buckles, art objects, etc. It finishes to a White color and easily solders with silver or low white gold formulas. UN372 has a much better resistance to tarnishing. This product is not suitable for rolling or hand-fabrication purposes due to its high hardness. UN372 also contains a silicon de-oxidizer for clean casting. Rhodium plating of finished pieces of jewelry is highly recommended. You should obtain excellent results by following a few simple instructions.

CASTING TEMP 990° C - 1020° C / 1814° F – 1868° F

NOTE: Melt temperature may vary with type of unit. This alloy is designed for casting only. UN372 White Brass may be Rhodium plated as normal.

FLASK TEMPERATURE Normal recommended temperature in the range of 580° C to 700° C / 1076° F – 1292° F depending on size of flask, karat & type of jewelry.

FLUXING Boric Acid is the recommended flux. Use as little flux as possible. Do not use carbon fluxes or any fluxes designed for refining; i.e., soda ash, saltpeter, etc. Avoid flux in bottom pour automatic casting units.

QUENCH TIME 25 – 30 minutes depending on the size of flask & type of jewelry.

INVESTMENT Most standard investment removers will successfully remove the REMOVAL investment powder. Fluoric-based investment removers are the best for removing the silicon oxide invisible coating. Use of aggressive acids causes stress corrosion and surface damage and is therefore not recommended. Ortho-phosphoric acid may also be used for this alloy.

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