Art Clay Silver Clay


Art Clay Silver Clay.

Art Clay Silver consists of pure silver particles, binding agent and water. During firing, the pure silver particles solidify and turns into pure silver (99.9%). The special formula of this product allows for combining with glass, porcelain and ceramic materials and is also suitable for firing with sterling silver findings or wire. (Do not fire soldered pieces with this product as the soldering temperature is lower than the firing temperature).

• 8-10% shrinkage • 92% silver, 8% binder and moisture • Can be torch fired at peach glow (length of time based on size) • Can be fired on gas stovetop at peach glow for 5 minutes • Can be rolled flat, sculpted, balled, snake-rolled, textured, cut/trimmed, and molded while wet • Can be sanded, filed, carved, or shaved in dry greenware state • Can be used to make paste or slip by adding water • Fired product is 99.9% pure silver and can be polished up to a mirror finish or embellished with enamels or patina • Low firing temperature is compatible with glass and many natural gems • Shelf life 2-3 years • Made in Japan • Available in 10g or 20g package

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