Bronze alloy


  • 342 Casting Bronze is a bright yellow bronze designed to cast jewellery samples, models, belt buckles, art objects, etc.
  • It finishes to a bright 14K color and easily solders with silver or low gold formulas.
  • #342 has a much better resistance to tarnish than brass alloys, as well as a harder surface.
  • #342 also contains a silicon de-oxidizer for clean casting.


  • Melt Temperature for casting 1050°C, 1922°F.

Flask Temperature

  • A high flask temperature for light and medium weight pieces is recommended 1200° - 1300°F.


  • Boric Acid is the recommended flux. 
  • Use as little flux as possible. 
  • Do not use carbon fluxes or any fluxes designed for refining; i.e. soda ash, saltpeter, etc. 
  • Avoid flux in bottom pour automatic casting units.

Quench Time

  • 15 - 20 minutes.

Investment Removal 

  • Most standard investment removers will successfully remove the investment powder. Fluoric-based investment removers are the best for removing the silicon oxide invisible coating.


  • Melt temperature may vary with type of unit.
  • This grain is designed for casting only. #342 Bronze should not be used for gold casting!
  • #342 Bronze should not be cyanide gold plated, use acid gold plating unless nickel subplate is used.