Midas Copper Conductive Paint - 2 oz


Midas Copper Conductive Paint. 2oz Jar. This conductive copper paint prepares a non-metallic piece for electroforming by creating a highly conductive surface on the piece, allowing you to electroform at a lower amperage and get a brighter plate. For example, use MIDAS® conductive paint followed by bright electroforming acid copper to prepare a wax pattern for plating. After you’ve electroformed and plated the pattern, melt out the wax. Midas copper conductive paint is solvent-based. Contains butyl acetate.

Please Note:

• This conductive paint is very thick to ensure that it is effective. When you open the jar, a 'skin' may have formed across the paint surface; this is normal. To resolve this, simply push the 'skin' down into the paint, close the jar and shake it vigorously. The 'skin' will dissolve back into the paint. A steel ball (included in each jar) helps break up the 'skin' and lumps, mixing the paint thoroughly.

• This paint CANNOT be thinned; do not use our silver conductive paint thinner with this product.

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