Burs and Drills

Burs and Drills

Lacy West sells four brands of burs:

Maillefer - Swiss tool steel burs. Our most popular selling burs for goldsmiths and setters.

HSS - High speed steel burs. Long lasting and relatively aggressive cutting action.

Maillefer burs are the most economically priced, and HSS burs are the most expensive. If a Maillefer burs could be considered to have a normal working life of one unit, and a HSS bur would have a working life of 5 units. HSS burs have the most aggressive cutting action, and many novices and experienced stone setters prefer the greater control that can be had with Maillefer burs. We also carry Fox Cup Burs and Busch Ball Burs Fox Cup Burs in two styles: Fox Champion Cup and Fox FCC Champion Cup. In Busch, we carry the round tungsten vanadium bur in sizes 0.25mm to 5.0mm.




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